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Many of the critical choices we make about our careers are made prior to entering full-time and long-term employment. During this time we are influenced by our parents, our educators, our peers and our natural ability, as well as other factors such as financial resources. We begin to think about what our future career(s) could be.


The Exploration Stage is the pre-employment stage, in our early to mid-twenties as we make the transition from education to work. It is the most crucial stage of our first career, that can influence our entire future.

My expertise lies not only in my extensive business and industry knowledge but also in my ability to successfully assist individuals by helping them to get that much-needed foot in the door, armed with the understanding of what the employer is looking for.


Throughout my 14 year career placing people in opportunities, I have continuously worked with a demanding client base ranging from some of the world's best-known companies to start-ups, boutique businesses and HNWI's.

All this experience and insight I bring to F G-P COACHING & MENTORING.

I am married, live in South West London and have sailed across the Atlantic Ocean several times.

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