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“Faye’s guidance was instrumental in getting me my first job after I graduated from university. She has so much knowledge of different industries, and really helped me to pinpoint what I wanted to do. She made the interview process a lot less daunting than it would have been without her help, and it lead to a very positive outcome. I am now in a company that I love, and recently used a lot of the skills I learnt from Faye to successfully land a promotion!” 

CS, London

"Faye is honest and approachable - we built up a great rapport as she really took the time to get to know me which really motivated me!"

KW, Norfolk  

“Having left university with a good CV and some summer internships I thought it would be easy for me to apply to a range of jobs and get interviews. However, I soon realised it was an incredibly daunting experience and I didn’t know where or how to start. Faye’s courses really focused my job search – I can definitely say that finding the job you want is a job in itself and in this market I think I would still be looking without her support and mentoring.”


L E-M, Edinburgh

“We used Faye to help our son get ready for the graduate interview process and give him a USP in these unprecedented times and we were extremely impressed. She is professional, detailed and delivers what she promises with an utterly charming manner.”

GD, Surrey

“F G-P Coaching & Mentoring was a great leg up for our middle son, who left school after A-Levels and didn’t know what he wanted to do. Faye’s courses created focus and a clear direction and gave him the tools and confidence to set him on his way in the job market... She stayed with him on his journey through her mentoring Accompaniments advising him on what and how to chase interview feedback and decisions. He is blossoming in his new role in the city.”


MH, Hampshire

"Faye offered our daughter invaluable advice and it was clear she learnt far more than what was promised on paper. We would have no hesitation recommending her services."

P & S van D, London

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